History Of Danny Boy Beer Works

Origin Story

Founder Kevin “KP” Paul grew up in an Irish neighborhood in Detroit. His father was a recreational home brewer and sparked his lifelong passion for beer and his Irish heritage. Beginning in 1993, KP and his wife, Lainie – also a beer enthusiast – started dreaming of owning their own brewery and corner-style pub.  They visited breweries around the world and immersed themselves in different beer styles, brewing techniques, brewery ambiance, and even building architecture.

In January 2008, Kevin and Lainie realized their dream of starting a pub and opened the doors of The Brockway Public House in Carmel.  No grand opening, no press conference, just unlocking the doors to the faithful fans that watched the construction of what became the first Dublin-Industrial Pub in the states. The Brockway features a sophisticated draft beer system, a great selection of beers from local and international breweries, live music and you can always catch the latest futbol match.

In 2010, the Pauls then embarked on the journey of turning their dream of owning a brewery into a reality. They joined forces with co-worker and friend, Prescott Sanders, an avid home brewer, and his wife Sara. Together the two families worked to perfect some of the Sanders’s favorite home brew recipes and Prescott became the Brew Master for Danny Boy.

Both KP and Prescott have always enjoyed exploring a myriad of beer styles, however they always found themselves returning to the iconic styles upon which the craft beer industry was initially founded. As such, KP and Prescott focused on dialing in these traditional styles specifically to fill the gap for session beers within the craft beer market.

These first recipes became the Training Day American Pale, Danny Boy American Black Ale and Miss Ginger Witte Urban Wheat.

Danny Boy started as a true nano-brewery, at first brewing small 5 gallon batches in glass carboys and then grew to a ½ barrel system that could brew 1 keg at a time.  As the recipes were finalized and demand began to exceeded supply, the Danny Boy founders sought a larger facility to house the brewery. They had to look no further than the Paul’s neighborhood.  Danny Boy broke ground in August 2013 at the location that would one day be known as Danny Boy Beer Works, in the heart of the Village of West Clay.  In November 2014, the Danny Boy Brew Crew, led by Head Brewer Dustin Brown and Assistant Brewer Derrek Herring, proudly brewed the first batch of Danny Boy beer inside the new facility at Danny Boy Beer Works.

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