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Upcoming event December 23rd:

Zach Smith is a multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter armed with an 8-track digital recorder and a head full of trick candles. Based in the Heartland of America, his live performances display a rich eclecticism fitting for the Circle City. From utilizing familiar musical structures to exploring recalcitrant decorum, he actively challenges and develops his style and understanding of composition. 


Upcoming event December 30th:

Middle Chamber 9-12

Monday Dec. 30th 9:00-12:00PM

Upcoming event December 31st:

New Years Eve Bash!!! Join us for a New Years Eve to remember. For those who do not want to stay out latee we have a Dublin toast at 7PM. Then we have live music with Aela starting at 9:30 and a chapagne toast at midnight!

Aela 9:30-12:30 PM



Every Monday is Mexican Monday! $5 Mexi-Cali, $5 Johnny Quid, $6 Jalapeno Margaritas & regular Margaritas!

New menu on Mondays and the food is fantastic! Mix it up and join us on Mondays!



Every Tuesday is Trivia night! Trivia goes from 7PM-9PM. $7 Growler fills! $2 beef tacos!


First Wednesday of every month live music with Tom Crocker! 7-9PM  

Every Wednesday $10 4packs! Choose between Mexi-Cali, Training Day, Mac Daddy, Rock N Rolla, Black IPA, Ginger Witte, Money Maker, Church Milk Stout 

J Elliott January 6th. J Elliott has been playing at Danny Boy for over a year now. He is a solo artist who can absolutely rock the house. If you havent seen him before you are missing out!



January 13th Live performance by DISCOMBOBULATED 9-12AM

Solo drum performance by TJ Schaff. Full band that can jam.